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Spring 2024


THANK YOU to all the wonderful people who stopped by my booth April 6-7: Chaffee County Home and Garden Show, Salida. It was so great seeing so many new faces. If you picked up a class flier, REDEEM IT. See my latest blog for a special Mother's Day deal. You'll have fun, I promise, and leave with one or more pieces of jewelry YOU created. 

July 4th: Art-in-the-Park (aka FreedomFest, and a few other names), Buena Vista, CO. This event is a town fave and will be BACK in shady, beautiful McPhelemy Park by popular demand. Don't miss it!

August 10-11th:  Gold Rush Days, Buena Vista, CO. Another town favorite (currently listed on East Main St., across from the Heritage Museum.) More info TBA. 

New Glass, New Class

  • Small Plates (2 days)  $170--all materials supplied. Make (1) 5-6-inch plate using a variety of glasses and embelishments. 

  • Garden Birds (2 days)  $160--all materials supplied. Learn to use a ring saw and glass grinder to make (2) whimsical garden birds mounted on clear acrylic stakes. 

  • Cabinet-Door Knobs (2 days) $170 --Design and finish up to 4 custom knobs, and if you need or want more, order after the class.--

GOT COMPANY COMING?  I've got you covered! 

If you have friends or family here visiting, a fused glass class is a memorable way for them to have fun making something beautiful. To schedule, click the "Classes" link above for more info and give me a call. My schedule is pretty flexible. 

The GEA online store is up and running! Click "Buy Glass" on the menu for more info. 

SUBSCRIBE and be in the know!

What?? You're not sure if you're on the e-mail list?? Well, then, use the JOIN menu button above to fix that. 

In the meantime . . . 

POP-UP Classes are Ongoing! 

"Beginning Glass Fusing with Micro-kilns" class times are widely available, though I am working a couple of part-time day jobs to supplement----no, let's be honest----pay the bills.  But for about a 2 1/2 hr. time investment, you can walk away with jewelry that catches people's eyes and that you can be proud of. And you'll be on your way to learning about the fascinating world of glass and glass fusing.  (Hey, guys have taken the Beginning Fusing with Micro-kilns class just to see the kilns heat to 1500 degrees in 3 minutes.)

Consider a Pop-Up class as a gift. I guarantee you a unique, creative time. 

I can custom-make you a certificate to give as a gift for someone special. Just ask.

SEATING IS LIMITED to 4 students per class, but with most days and times available for "Pop-up" classes, you shouldn't have trouble finding a day/time that works for you or your friends and family. Just call 719-395-1789 to schedule.


In addition to the "Beginning Glass Fusing with Micro-kilns" class, you can also schedule any of the classes above. 


Have you seen the GEA Blog?

You can learn so many neat things about glass, glass art processes, glass artists, great glass to see, why shopping with local arts is good for everyone, and so much more. Click the "Blog" menu link above. Share it with your family and friends, and please leave a comment. I'd love to hear from you. 

Is that Online Store Safe?

Yes! All credit card transactions are SECURE with Square, same as always. The Cart is easy to use, and in the unlikely event there's an issue, you can easily reach me via the Contacts page, the GEA e-mail (, or by the phone number listed on every Web page. 

How about a GEA Table at your event? Call for details!


Glass Eye Art: Party--Partyware, Kitchen items, and Tableware

Glass Eye Art: Garden--Texture Tiles and other garden / yard art

Glass Eye Art: Decor--Switchplates, Wall Sconces, Light Pendants, Window Art, Drawer and Cabinet knobs/handles, Lighted Backsplashes

Glass Eye Art: Seasonal and Holiday--Items for all seasons and most Holidays

Glass Eye Art: Jewelry--3 Pendant sizes (XLG not yet posted), 2 earring styles, jewelry sets; always changing

Did you know . . . ?

Fun Glass Facts:

  • Glass is an extremely viscous substance--that is, it resists flowing. But even in its "solid" state (say, in a window pane), the glass is actually in liquid form.

  • The dichroic coating process came about through electronics manufacturing. The colored, shiney layer is made from vaporized quartz, titanium, or other metal oxides (gold or silver, usually) affixed to the glass with an electron beam. This layer can transmit one color of light and reflect its opposite color (when affixed to clear glass). 

Processing Mobile Orders:


  • I can accept major credit and debit cards ON SITE provided there is cell phone access. So use your cards and save your cash for other things.

  • I can process your credit card order by phone if you're shopping online. Just call GEA at the number above. 

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