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GEA Garden

More Garden-themed items coming soon!

Along about March in the high country, we start dreaming of our summer gardens. But those of you in other climates get a jump on us. It's never too late to daydream about your green space, is it? 

Garden Birds  

(Downloadable Instructions above)

The birds vary in size from approximately 4"-6" head-to-tail. Each is mounted on a clear acrylic rod, which can be inserted into the soil in your garden, flowerbeds, or potted plants. The acrylic dowels vary in length from 6"-12". 


1 --   $24

2   $48--BUY 2, GET 1 FREE!

4 +  $15 each

Not all birds in stock are shown. Orders will be randomly filled (size, colors, stake lengths). 

Click images for a larger view. 

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