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Why "Glass Eye Art"?

Glass Eye Art Buena Vista Green Weave

The idea and name for Glass Eye Art started, in a way, as a personal joke: I wanted to somehow capture who I am and what I do in one name. I do have a prosthetic eye (it's not glass, though hundreds of years ago, they were made from glass, wood, cloth, and a host of other materials), and I hope I have an "eye" for glass art and glass in general.


I've always been fascinated with the medium, and as Dale Chihuly has observed, we like glass because it can break. It's both the transmitting of light and the reflecting of it that captivates me. I work with dichroic and solid colors, blending the two types together to create (hopefully) a special synergy between them. 


My ultimate goal (other than to make a living with glass) is to grow my skills and vision to something truly unique. Every glass artist strives for this, but each artist's palate and production is unique. No other medium, I believe, has the potential to "wow" the viewer like glass. I hope to "wow" you as you browse these pages.

-Karen Heise

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