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Hanging Out at The Crooked Cauldron

Buena Vista, Colorado, in addition to being home to some great outdoor recreation, also has plenty of passionate people and amazing artists, Lisa and John Tarter, owners of The Crooked Cauldron at 711 U.S. Hwy 24, are doing their best to bring their passion for natural, high-quality herbal and CBD products and Colorado artisans together under one roof. The minute you step in the door, you’ll see and hear Lisa’s enthusiasm for apothecary work, specifically in CBD and herbal products, and be astounded at the 40+ local vendors they’ve made room for.

Lisa’s interest in all things natural is as organic as the products she carries and goes back all the way to her childhood. “I grew up playing in my grandparents’ herb gardens. I am a generational herbalist and healer. My grandmothers were midwives and healers. My grandfathers were country doctors who treated from their gardens.”

So it makes sense that she carried this life-long passion into a successful business model. She has paid her dues studying the art and craft of blending herbals, making the best and purest CBD products, and searching the world for ingredients that promote body/mind wellness and can actually encourage healing. The Tarters, in addition to having a previous location for their Naturally Colorado line of products in Colorado Springs, also have had success in fairs, markets, pharmacies, and doctor’s offices throughout the state.

Again, the idea to share their store space with others came right out of their experiences. “Doing events for going on 8 years,” Lisa says, “we have met some of the most talented artists and crafters. . . . It is my goal to empower our local mom & pop businesses by giving them an affordable place to showcase their craft.”

And what great items you’ll find. The short list includes artisan specialty candies and nuts, tie-dye shirts and unique hoodies, drinkware, jewelry, art glass (yes, GEA has a space there, along with other great glass artists), cutting boards, soaps, candles, wall art . . . there’s too much to mention here. All of it is handmade with passion from the vendors—no mass-produced junk in sight—in addition to hundreds of herbal and CBD-based products handcrafted by Lisa and John. It’s fair to say you could do all your Christmas shopping in the Cauldron.

It’s hard even for Lisa to decide, but she has a couple of her own favorite products. “Our pain support salve has allowed me to make a difference in so many lives daily, with our herbal-infused line running a close second.”

Indeed, she has seen the results of her products in her own family ranging “from my own health issues, like Crohns and Lupus being controlled naturally, to my husband, a disabled combat vet with over 30 surgeries and a failed prosthetic—he only uses our products to control pain and PTSD—to my daughters, who have epilepsy and are controlled and pharma free with our products.”

If you’re wondering whether or not CBD-based products are for you, or still a little scared of the idea, here’s Lisa’s advice—and it’s not just come buy my stuff and decide. “There are 1,000s of CBD companies out there doing it wrong. Research the product before you buy. Check out their reviews. Ask to see testing. Make sure they're using a true full plant, full-spectrum product and not something that's been so chemically stripped it doesn't have near the efficacy.”

And if you’re a vendor wondering if The Crooked Cauldron might be a place for you to partner with, as of this writing, there are still a few more spots open for vendors. John and Lisa have done extensive remodeling of the store and are very good about using space. Each vendor has an approximately 2-foot by 6-foot space (12 square feet), and although it doesn’t sound like a lot of room, it’s enough with some care and imagination to showcase your high-quality products. There are two commission plans, so something’s bound to fit. Just drop by the Cauldron during business hours, or you can email Lisa at

The Tarters have two simple goals in the next year and beyond: “Bringing our community together while empowering everyone to take charge of their health. We appreciate Glass Eye Art and Chaffee County for supporting us and our vision. We look forward to making a difference in all of your lives on the daily.”

So ease on up to the Cauldron and see what’s cooking . . .

it’s almost Halloween, anyway!

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