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7 Great Reasons to Take a Class at Glass Eye Art in Buena Vista, CO

Feeling the need for some creative stimulation? Classes offer benefits you may not have though about before.

1. You'll learn a new skill--or expand your known skills. We know taking classes teaches us new skills, but glass brings its own special set of skills I think you'll find particularly interesting. The mystery of working with glass is deep and only knowable a few skills at a time. Most people have never worked with glass. In fact, doing so often conjures up a sort of mystery that can encompass a lot of common questions: How can you cut (score) glass safely and break it? Is all glass the same? How do you melt it? How hot is that, anyway? All of these questions are answered in learning the skills needed to actually make a new, beautiful work from glass.

If, on tther hand, you've worked with glass before, you'll get the chance to strengthen or expand on what you do know. How many people have worked with Microwave kilns, which is just one of the classes I teach? Not many, overall. Even if you're not new to glass, these little kilns are marvels, and you'll be surprised how well they work.

2. You'll meet new people who share your interest in the subject taught. People take glass classes for a variety of reasons, and students are as varied as those reasons. I've taught older ladies, adolescent kids, teens, and yes, even guys have taken my jewelry class--if for no other reason than to see a kiln heat up to fusing temp 3-4 minutes. What's that temp? I'm not telling--take a class! There's also a bit of synergistic magic in a classfull of folks who are learning new skills and seeing glass transform before their eyes. People learn off each other's designs and get even more inspired. (That includes me.) There's a shared wonder in a group experience like this (sort of like watching a movie in a theater and all laughing at the same scenes--only better.)

3. New skills can become a new hobby or larger life pursuit. This actually happened to me. When I first started learning about glass fusing in 2014, I figured it would be a hobby. But actually, I realized pretty quickly that I wanted it to be an actual business and lifelong pursuit. Am I making money? No. Am I having fun? YES. And one day, glass will be good to me monetarily, too, COVID be darned. And there's plenty of evidence out there that proves people who have hobbies, especially creative outlets, are healthier in just about every way because of it.

4. Classes stay with you. Remember these lines from an old song: "Don't know much about a science book/Don't know much about the French I took"? Your high school classes may not have stuck around in your brain. Maybe your college classes had a little more staying power. But a creative class has the potential to continue to influence you every day. Growing new brain synapses feels good, and you'll find that you'll think in creative terms even when you're not intending to consciously do so. As a personal example, I've recently added the skill of deeper open-faced glass casting to my glassworking options. That means I can make glass in a more 3-D scupltural way using clay modeling and plaster molds to receive the glass powders. Out on a walk recently, I was thinking about a river scene I'd like to do, and lo! there on the ground was a kayak shape. (Actually, it was a reflector from probably a bicycle wheel.) I picked it up and realized those subconcious casting skills stimulating my brain allowed me to look down and find an object I would have otherwise missed.

5. They're a great value for the tuition spent. Because of what I've said above, classes make great use of the money spent. The "item" is your creativity, stimulated over and over as you move through your days post-class. My jewelry class using Microwave kilns is 80/person, and for that, you get at least 2 1/2 hours of my time AND you get to walk away with 1-3 pieces of jewelry depending on the size of the piece(s) you choose to make. (By the way, the four pieces here were made by one of my students named Stan.) So, at 3 pieces, your tuition coveres the cost of those, alone, but you get all the bonus parts of taking a class, too. And, worst-case scenario, let's say you take the class and nothing turns out right. You're still covered, because you can come back for FREE and do it again.

6. You don't have to return an item you didn't want, need, or already have (or is just plain ugly.) We have so much "stuff" these days that the sheer volume of it diminishes its worth. But what you make in a class--whether it's jewelry, a small plate, or a landscape-- is unique to you. There's not another one like it on the planet. Therefore, it's inherently more valueable than a mass-produced item. And let's say you give it away as a gift. That gift carries your unique touch on it, and the receiver will appreciate it that much more. Classes themselves make great gifts, too. (Pssst! Valentine's Day is just around the corner.)

7. Here's a Coupon. Ready to set up a class? Head to the "Classes and Resources"menu, download and print the coupon for a discount, and give me a call!

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