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Caring for your Jewelry

All jewelry is fragile. Glass jewelry is perhaps more fragile. Here are some tips to help keep it looking great. 

  1. Do not drop your piece. The glass, though fired and annealed, can crack, break, or shatter.

  2. Avoid storing your pieces near other sharp or pointed objects. The dichoic coating, though durable, can be scratched--especially if it is not covered with a layer of glass. 

  3. Avoid spraying on perfumes, hairsprays, or other cosmetic exposure. The bails (backings) can be discolored by the chemicals in cosmetics. 

  4. Avoid wearing jewelry when you are perspiring--salts are also corrosive. If you do sweat while wearing, remove the piece and rinse it carefully in warm water. Pat dry. 

  5. Put on jewelry last; take it off first.

  6. Cleaning your jewelry: If the bail on your piece becomes tarnished, you can easily restore its luster. Wet the bail with a small amount of cool water and add a little baking soda to the bail. Rub gently with a paper towel, then rinse and dry the piece. 

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