Serve up your favorite spreadable cheese on this cheese board that oozes summer cool. HANDWASH only to keep the bump-ons on the board. Knife pictured may be different than the spreader sold with the board. 8" x 8". Click "Cheese Board Extras" to order a decorative spreader.

Cheeseboard--Blue-green Spirit glass



    • Your cheese board is food-bearing safe. 
    • HAND WASH ONLY to help keep the bump-ons on the board. 
    • It is NOT a trivet or hot plate—do not place hot items on it (pots, bowls, etc.) This could crack or shatter your board.
    • The glass embellishments, if present, are tack-fused to the board—they should not ever come off, as they are “one” with the base glass—but if you ever have an issue with these, contact GEA.
    • The decorative knife (if sold with the board) should be hand-washed in warm, soapy water only to preserve the decorative paints.
    • Under its intended use, your board and knife should provide you years of enjoyment. GEA sells other Party items in many other styles and colors. Visit to see all the great glass available.